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JBA Insurance Brokers are based in Marlton, NJ where it's principal owner, John Billetdoux was born & raised. John has been helping people with Medicare since 2013 and has many clients from a variety of states. At JBA we recognize that your Medicare plan choice is going to be one of the biggest decisions you make in your life, and it's a responsibility that we take various seriously. Our job isn't to merely put you into a plan and be done with it. Our job is to educate each client so that they can make the most informed and educated choice possible, as it pertains to THEIR specific needs, as not everyone's needs are the same. We want to make sure that you not only recognize your rights & entitlements, but also understand how Medicare and the plans work. Our job is to educate you on the plans and coverage, not simply sell you something that you have no idea on how it works.. Our relationship is only beginning when you choose us to be your broker, as we will continue to be your advocate and will be here with any questions that may arise regarding your needs.

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Guest Articles by John Billetdoux

When Can I Change My Current Medicare Plan?
When Can I Change My Current Medicare Plan?

Written by: John Billetdoux

Learn when and how to change your Medicare plan, the rules for switching plans, the Annual Enrollment Period's role, and the importance of understanding underwriting requirements and consulting a Medicare broker.