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Frequently Asked Questions from Medicare Insurance Agents

What is this website?

Medicare Agents Hub is the most comprehensive directory of Medicare agents and brokers available on the internet. We make it easy for Medicare beneficiaries to find local Medicare agents that are located in or near their specific zipcode.

What does it cost?

Seniors use the directory for free. Medicare agents and brokers that want to be showcased on our website have a few different listing choices. Currently, we offer a Standard Listing option for $29/mo, and a Featured Listing option for $79/mo. Each plan offers an annual subscription rate for a discounted price. We also offer a free basic listing with limited options. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

How much do you charge for leads?

There is no cost for leads. Any lead or communicaton that listed agents receive through Medicare Agents Hub is 100% free for all plans.

Do I need to purchase a separate listing to show up in each state I am licensed in?

No. Unlike other directories, Medicare Agents Hub allows you to be listed in every state you are licensed to sell Medicare insurance in - all with a single listing.

Are the costs associated with being listed on the directory eligible for reimbursement?

Yes. Many Agencies, FMOs, and Carriers will reimburse their agents for some, if not all, of the cost of their Medicare Agents Hub listing, which is why most agents renew their listing for the full year.

Who made the listings?

Most listings on the site were created by the agents themselves, but sometimes partner agencies and FMOs will create listings on behalf of their agents.

How do I update my information?

You can update your information at any time by logging in and visiting your Agent Dashboard. From there, you can edit your licensed states, email address, phone number, headshot, and more!

How do people find this website?

The Medicare Agents Hub directory is found through a variety of ways. Primarily, seniors looking for Medicare agents find our website by searching for local Medicare agents on search engines like Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go. The directory is also found through a network of partner websites and affiliates as well as word of mouth from friends and family that have had success finding agents using the site.

How do I increase my chances of getting seen and being contacted?

The number one thing agents can do to instantly be vastly more visible on the directory is to make sure they have a featured listing. Featured listings appear above standard listings on every standard search and receive 5-10x more impressions on average. Beyond that, the most important things you can do are:

  1. Make sure your headshot image is high quality. Consumers have a higher chance of skipping over agents with blurry or granulated pictures.
  2. Make sure your contact details are correct, and fill in as much contact information as possible. Consumers like seeing complete phone numbers, emails, and social media links.
  3. Write an enticing bio. Consumers are more likely to reach out if they like what they read in your agent biography.

What other marketing do you do for agents?

Medicare Agents Hub actively participates in various marketing programs throughout the year in an effort to increase the visibility of agents listed on our website. Programs include direct partnerships with other websites, paid advertising, and email marketing.

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Agent Testimonials: Real Success Stories

Discover firsthand how Medicare Agents Hub has helped the careers of insurance professionals nationwide. Below, agents share their personal experiences and interactions with prospective clients that found them through Medicare Agents Hub.

Jeff Higenyi - Insurance Agent

"Thank you for the lead. Booked an appointment for Tuesday."

Jeff Higenyi

Danbury, CT

Steven Wein - Insurance Agent

"Rishavy found me on Medicare Agents Hub and enrolled with me. Thank you! I hope to see some additional opportunities."

Steve Wein

Chaska, MN

Louanne Allison - Insurance Agent

"Sold her a PDP plan and have appointment in Dec. to go over Medicare Supplements."

Louanne Allison

Grand Blanc, MI

Bridget Robinson - Insurance Agent

"I reached out to Jeff and am working with his parents. Thank you for the lead!"

Bridget Robinson

Detroit, MI

Terri Reagin - Insurance Agent

"So far, I've been really impressed with the quality of the leads. I've only gotten 3, but they were humdingers."

Terri Reagin

Tulsa, OK

Dutch VanHoesen - Insurance Agent

"Thank you so much for the referral! We are taking care of him."

Curtis VanHoesen

St Petersburg, FL

Jonathan Potter - Insurance Agent

"Ted is great and I helped him and his wife get on a great plan."

Jonathan Potter

Draper, UT

Kathryn Alafat Morneault - Insurance Agent

"Thank you for the local referral! Set an appointment and it led to me enrolling Joanne."

Kathryn Alafat Morneault

Concord, NH

Dean Smith - Insurance Agent

"Sold Lawrence and his wife."

Dean Smith

Dade City, FL

Anne Grollman - Insurance Agent

"I connected with Jessica and was able to assist her. Thank you again!"

Anne Grollman

Albuquerque, NM