Daniel Slattery, Medicare Insurance Broker

About Me

Hello! My name is Dan Slattery, and I am a financial and insurance professional specializing in Medicare Planning. Medicare is a complex program with many moving parts. Depending on how you choose to receive your Medicare benefits, there are critical choices that even the brightest people find confusing. The path can be long and convoluted! Tap my 31 years of experience to help you make the right choices "for you," and that will cater to your individual needs. There are many plans available in your state, and the choices you make through this process are critical. I can guide you through that, as well as help you sort through all of the national and local plan choices. This will save you a ton of time and effort. My consultation is provided at no cost to you. Please give me a call at 203-693-7000, or email me to begin the process of navigating your Medicare choices. We can make this as painless as possible!

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